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Doc Martens is an iconic brand known for their high-quality shoes. Thanks to its craft and quality, Doc Martens are durable and last a long time. How can we give people the confidence to invest in a pair of Doc Marten's shoes and reinforce the longevity of quality shoes in a world consumed by fast fashion?


Much of the fashion world is consumed with cheap and low-quality products that deteriorate quickly.  Doc Martens are incredibly well-made and it's longevity and worth the price.


To showcase Doc Martens longevity, we tap into relatability of experiences and items that often feel like they last a long time. Such as that pickle jar in the back of the fridge or the Eglinton LRT construction in Toronto. We use the locational OOH in the heart of the eglinton LRT construction to reinforce the idea of the longevity of Doc Martens and prove that they are worth the long-term investment.

OOH Eglinton LRT Construction

Art Direction: Me

Copywriter: Shelby Harper

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