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Subaru anticipates that the inventory situation will be better in spring… but the economy may not be. How can we give people the confidence they need to buy a Subaru now?


You can go further when you don’t have to worry about your vehicle. Subaru’s legendary
capability and QDR give you the confidence to explore further, no matter what conditions youencounter (environmental or economic.)

Idea: ​

Subarus are born for Canada’s unpredictable weather, especially in Canadian spring where you may encounter snow, rain, and sunshine. Using stop-motion, we bring back the feeling of renewal, adventure and excitement of driving a Subaru in the upcoming spring. Solidifying the idea that you can look forward to any weather when you have a Subaru. 


Art Direction: Me

Copywriter: Shelby Harper
CDs: Jonathan Smith, Ivan Mallqui

Video Editor: Felipe Chaparro

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