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Develop a print ad that drives awareness and support for the Nature Conservancy of Canada among a younger demographic (aged 25-30). The goal is to build the community: add 500,000 new supporters by 2030.


The environmental burnout among young people is intense. they don't know where to start with activism due to all the doom and bloom. The first and easiest step can be donating to the cause. When you donate your time or money to the Nature Conservancy of Canada, you are making an impact that will last forever.

Idea: ​

Cash itself isn’t a single-use plastic. However, it only has a “single use” because when you spend it, it’s gone, and it also happens to be made of plastic. When you choose to have your single use of cash be spent through a donation to the NCC, you’re using the plastic to provide a positive and permanent impact on the environment. We juxtapose single-use plastics to what a single use of cash (which is made of plastic) can do to protect and preserve Canadian lands against the ongoing threats and effects of climate change.

NCC Print

Art Direction: Me

Copywriter: Shelby Harper

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